Elephant Head Software

From 2009-2016, we created over 50 software products for brands such as Pearson, Verizon, Titan Financial, JDEdwards, and Oracle. Applications that run on cloud, mobile, embedded IoT, desktop, web, tablet, and television.

Latest work

Elephant Learning

We are the founders and creators of Elephant Learning. An automated mathematics academy that utilizes gamification to teach years of mathematics over the course of a few months with usages of 30 minutes per week.


Founded by Ph.D. Mathematicians & Computer Scientists

Elephant Head Software has been a trusted research and development partner to S&P 500 companies, Universities, and we are now creating our own portfolio of innovative brands.

Industry Experience

We are honored to have been a part of a number of different industries. From working on atomic clocks, neural networks, AI, apps for mobile, desktop, web, and cloud, operating systems, cable, satellite, and even research projects for MITs coveted Lincoln labs.

Research Experience

Elephant Head Software's staff has been featured in scientific journals, are published authors, hold patents, and are multidisciplinary allowing them to work all aspects of projects.

Award Winning Innovation

Elephant Head Software was the winner of the coveted JDEdwards Innovation Award in 2015 for integrations of IoT into JDEdwards.

Elephant Learning was the recipient of Most Effective Platform at the Education 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas.

How we work

Our proccess



We investigate and gain deep insight into the problems are solutions are designed to solve.

Analyze the data

We iterate gathering market insights, relevant research, and software architecture to put in place the right solution.


Execution & Implementation

We carefully create software products with cutting-edge software defect mitigation techniques.


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We Are Elephant Head Software

Our mission is to empower creativity through digital tools.


We are hiring!

We are engineers that are agnostic to technology because we understand code runs everywhere.


Meet our professional team

Dr. Aditya Nagrath Ph.D.
Kathy Gardner
Max Roschke
Raymark Barroga

Read some success stories from clients

Elephant Head is one of the most professional software and no nonsense engineering partners I have seen. He has a keen ability to get directly to the bottom of a problem and come up with efficient solutions in a timely manner. His work has been extremely valuable to our team, and I believe he would add value to any team that he is on.

Assad Jarrahain

Aditya and Elephant Head has been a joy to work with. It seems that what ever I dream my website can do Elephant Head makes it happen. Love working with Aditya and crew.

Stav Mallookis

Elephant Head has architected, designed, and built iPhone, Android, and iPad applications for Digidata for the past 3 years. He has a very deep knowledge of the OSs which has allowed him to complete the projects on time and with very creative implementations. I will continue to use him and highly recommend his services.

Jim Russo

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