Mobile devices are becoming more powerful all the time, but they’re still resource constrained. To build compute-intensive mobile apps with desktop-grade operating characteristics you need to effectively blend the best of both mobile app development and embedded system engineering.

Tim Cheng, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Santa Barbara, IEEE Fellow
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The best IT leaders are innovators whether they’re developing new solutions, solving technical problems, capitalizing on new technologies, or redefining ways to get things done. At Elephant Head Software, we have the pleasure of working for several clients who are quintessential innovators, and a new competitive edge is emerging – execution through skunk works teams composed of contract developers.

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Elephant Head Software keeps an eye out for the ways IT innovators are building competitive advantage, and Mobile Business Intelligence is gathering steam. The vision of Mobile BI has always been an exciting one, but issues around security, speed, device size, etc. have gotten in the way of implementation. Practical ways forward are now coming clear, though, and demand for Mobile BI solutions is on the rise.

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