Work Samples

We love developing the solutions our clients need – whether they’re technically straight forward or highly complex. We’re proven across the spectrum, including solving tough problems that reach well beyond programming alone. Here are a few representative solutions.

Thunder: Video and audio streaming from the cloud

Mobile Application, Cloud Application, Embedded Systems, OS X Application, Streaming Video and Audio

This project allowed users to stream video and audio content from the cloud to their local systems, including: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux, and DLNA/UPnP-compliant devices such as televisions and set top boxes.
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LeapDrive Backup for Mac: Cloud-based, transparent, backup utility

Cloud Application, OS X Application

This cloud storage provider needed a backup utility for their clients using Mac. Example features included: scheduled and manual backups; visibility into backups in real time, file statistics, and file histories; backups performed in seconds; backup preference setting; file restoration from the cloud to the Mac; file access from any device with a browser; etc. To deliver maximum speed using minimum resources we employed advanced techniques used in embedded engineering. The solution was built using C++, C, Cocoa, and the Mac OS X SDK.
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