Work Samples

We love developing the solutions our clients need – whether they’re technically straight forward or highly complex. We’re proven across the spectrum, including solving tough problems that reach well beyond programming alone. Here are a few representative solutions.

Terabox: Fast file sharing from mobile devices

Mobile Application, Cloud Application, Embedded Systems

This solution shared files through cloud-based storage. It used advanced data handling algorithms such as smart caching to deliver super-fast directory fetching, file download, and file upload. It also used powerful low level tools available on iOS and Android.
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Mile Hi IOT

Web Application, Embedded Systems

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DJ Turntable: Simulated DJ turntable on iPhone

Mobile Application, Cloud Application, Embedded Systems, Streaming Video and Audio

This project required analyzing disc jockeys scratching records in the physical world, translating their process into mathematical formulas, receiving streaming audio from cloud storage, and delivering life-like performance using the phones’ touch interface.
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Symmetricom: LORAN retransmitter to drive an atomic clock

Embedded Systems

This solution received LORAN signals and retransmitting them using a Digital Signal Processor. In this case, we were responsible for a Free BSD driver for the DSP, a custom front end accessed by telnet, UI fixes, and code clean up.
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LeapDrive Mobile: Mobile access to files on the LeapDrive cloud

Mobile Application, Cloud Application, Embedded Systems, Streaming Audio and Video

This app allows iPhone and Android users to access files in their LeapDrive cloud account and to upload files to the cloud for storage and easy sharing. We used advanced algorithms and low level Apple and Android tools to deliver the speed users demand.
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Palm Web OS: Low level graphics applications for Web OS

Embedded Systems

This solution included highly efficient algorithms, advanced techniques to ensure fast caching, and maintained a low memory profile.
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Amino Technologies PLC: Set top box receiver to deliver content over broadband Internet

Embedded Systems

This was an open source UI implementation that entailed converting incoming low level cable data to usable channel and guide information. This project required a good understanding of multicasting, dhcp, TCP/IP, Linux, makefiles, Perl scripting, shell scripting, and other network systems.
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Thunder: Video and audio streaming from the cloud

Mobile Application, Cloud Application, Embedded Systems, OS X Application, Streaming Video and Audio

This project allowed users to stream video and audio content from the cloud to their local systems, including: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux, and DLNA/UPnP-compliant devices such as televisions and set top boxes.
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ChatMe: Cross-service chat

Mobile Application, Embedded Systems

This service allows users to chat across leading chat services such as Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber, LiveJournal, and Vkontakte. It allows them to login using their preferred service, see their buddies who are logged into any of the supported services, chat with one or more people, put chats on hold, etc. It was built in less than a month using the iOS SDK connecting to the Jabber XMPP network.
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Dish Network / EchoStar: Set top box receiver with PVR

Embedded Systems

This solution was optimized for speed through tightly crafted algorithms and code, an innovative UI implementation, and a custom embedded database. This project required good knowledge of Sun IPC, streams, sockets, and other inter-process messaging libraries as well as skills in Linux, C, C++, Perl, and device drivers.
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