Our company's expertise covers a wide range of industries, platforms, and development technologies. These include:

Mobile Applications

Successful mobile apps need to be functionally rich, visually compelling, easy to use, and supported by the right devices. Yet the small form factors, limited memory, multiple platforms, touch interfaces and other constraints unique to smartphones and tablets can be challenging. Fortunately, we thrive on this work. Our extensive experience building mobile, embedded, and cloud applications gives us a leg up on our competition.

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Web Applications

Web applications need to be built quickly, easy to adapt, and easy to maintain. They also need to be capable of handling lots of users, large databases, and spikes in traffic while still being visually appealing and easy to use. These are reasons we’ve become experts in Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Java.

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Cloud Applications

The cloud has radically changed the way applications are designed, tested, and deployed, and that begins with which operations go in the cloud, which run locally, and how the two interact. We have extensive experience meeting these challenges. Our attention to detail combined with our expertise developing embedded systems make the difference.

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Embedded Systems

We have extensive experience designing and developing embedded systems. These highly optimized applications run on the special purpose computers known as embedded devices. Whether the focus is robotics, set top boxes for television, mobile phones, scientific applications, or something else we have a deep understanding of the technologies, algorithms, and architectures that not only make the impossible possible but also makes it fast.

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OS X Applications

We love working with Apple technology. We are members of Apple Developer Connections. Our experience with Objective-C, Cocoa, and the technologies that make for reliable Apple applications began years before OS X became popular. Because our principals worked with Apple technology engineers for many years, we understand how they develop their APIs and how to maximize their capabilities.

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Streaming Video And Audio

We take great pride in having been the principal contributor to LeapDrive Thunder. LeapDrive Thunder takes backed up media from your computer and streams them to computers running iTunes and other uPnP/DLNA compatible devices. Our solution enables users to do this from the desktop, and also provides access on the go, at a friend's, or on a neighbor's home theater system — all through iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile applications.

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